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ESR-CO Participant, June 2010

Posted on August 3rd, 2010.

As the wife of a wounded warrior I can promise that there is not an instruction manual for any of what we face on a day to day basis. However, if there was one, it would no doubt be written by Dave Roever and his staff at Eagles Summit Ranch. My husband and I were gifted with the opportunity this summer to spend a week at Eagles Summit Ranch in Colorado. The support of the Roevers and their staff for that week and their continuing support has been life changing for us and our family. No one could explain the difficulties and obstacles of being a wounded warrior or the spouse of one better than ESR. Most importantly though, ESR taught us how to overcome these obstacles. We will be forever grateful for the love and support of this precious group of people. We can only hope that one day we will be able to help others as they have helped us.

Roxanne B.

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