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Change the Heart, Change the World!

Posted on July 29th, 2016.

During a presidential debate Ronald Reagan shared these words which have become famous…”Here we go again.”

America is reaching a breaking point and it is echoed by the lips of police chiefs and politicians.

The hideous and demonic attacks on those who are sworn to protect us is inexcusable. Our prized and cherished freedom is at stake. The war is no longer relegated to the Middle East. We are fighting a battle at home.

A few weeks ago I was in a traffic jam in Dallas and a police officer pulled up beside me. I rolled down my window and he saw my intent to communicate with him. He put down his window. Our eyes connected and I said to him, “Thank you sir for your sacrifice to protect and serve our community.” That’s all I said.

His lower eyelids filled with tears and he choked out the words, “Thank you.”

A few days later five of his fellow officers were dead and nine more wounded.

Sunday morning I turned on the news and caught the breaking Baton Rouge story. More dead police…more wounded first responders. Here we go again!

We may change political parties, pass constitution amendments and restructure gun laws but until the heart of man is in right relationship with God nothing will change and violence will continue.


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