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Flashlights and Focus

Posted on January 31st, 2018.

I seem to collect flashlights. One in the car, one by the bed, one in the garage…OK, ten in the garage. You get the idea. I particularly like the ones that allow you to twist the outer ring around the bulb and focus the light into a more concentrated area, giving you extreme illumination on the exact thing you are trying to see.

This is true about the Word of God. The Bible says it is a “lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” As I read the Word, I often find a scripture for that moment. Not always a word for ten years from now, or ten days from now or even ten minutes from now. Sometimes, it is a literal minute-by-minute guiding of my steps and my path.

So what happens if I don’t read the Word? The path is very dark. The lamp guiding my feet is strangely dim and the light showing me where to go is so faint that I stumble.

Let me encourage you to pick up the Word and tighten in the adjustment as sharp as you can. Allow the truths found inside to be so bright and intense that your feet will not stumble as you navigate this life.

Hide His Word in your heart!
With Love,


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