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How’s This for a Campaign Promise?

Posted on October 12th, 2016.

If you will vote for me, I promise to make changes in this nation, starting on the individual level. Let me clearly line out some of my principles.

I will tear down big government an set up a King-ship in its place. I will replace your current healthcare with good health, breath, strength and life. I will not be easy on evil because vengeance is mine. I have already created a system of “give, and it shall be given unto you.” I will give peace, not as the world knows, but peace that passes all understanding. My policies are clear and lined out in my most recent book – the Bible.

The promises of Jesus are a change I can believe in!

No matter who is elected in November, please know that Christ reigns on high. He reigns in the heart and life of every believer and He is in control, even when it seems like things are spinning out of control. Don’t get lost in the madness. Pray, be aware, do your part, but don’t let your heart be unsettled.

Trust in God who sits securely on THE throne!


God reigns above the nations, sitting on His holy throne.
Psalm 47:8

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