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Posted on March 9th, 2011.

Dear Dave,

Your presence and remarks during our 102nd Annual Spartan Battalion Military Ball on Saturday, 12 February 2011 made it one of the best events in many years. Many attendees commented that, “This was the best Military Ball I have ever attended” and “Dave Roever was the best speaker I have ever heard.” Your speech pulled at the heartstrings of every one of our 472 guests and your story of survival and patriotism left them fulfilled, hopeful and proud to be associated with young men and women in uniform. It was exceptionally great for the cadets and their parents whose commitments to the U.S. Army were solidified as they heard your story and your messages.

Although we all hope that no one ever has to make the sacrifices you and your family made, in all likelihood, some may, and that includes our cadets. Knowing that there are people like you and your foundation makes that a little easier to get their arms around. You helped to instill a spirit of sacrifice for the greater good of America which is critical in the development of our future leaders. You made this clear with your heartfelt comments.

Special thanks to Kathy, whose lovely voice provided a fitting ending to a truly amazing evening.

I have enclosed three copies of The State News, Michigan State’s student newspaper coverage, which contains an article on the ceremony.

Take comfort in the knowledge that we who wear the uniform today recognize what veterans, like you, did to make America the greatest nation in the world.


James D. Rouse
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

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