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Posted on April 3rd, 2012.

Dear Mr. Roever:
On behalf of the Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics, I want to thank you for speaking at The Citadel’s Annual Principled Leadership Symposium. 2012 marks the 5th year for this event and your participation helped to make it one of the best meetings to date.

During your major speaking role which culminated the two-day event, you touched the lives of over 2000 Citadel cadets, as well as faculty, staff and visitors. Your presentation resonated in a way that will long be remembered and is considered to be one of the best ever delivered on The Citadel campus. You have made a significant contribution to our leadership development efforts at The Citadel.

Thank you again for playing a critical role in our Principled Leadership Symposium and for your continued service to our nation as a voice for integrity, hope, service, and liberty.

Very truly yours,

Roger C. Poole, Ph.D.
Brig. General (AUS-Ret)
Executive Director
Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics

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