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Two Statements – Changed Forever!

Posted on February 2nd, 2017.

For years, I have shared the story of Jan Crouch saying to me, while live on the set of the Praise the Lord program, “Dave, God didn’t put those scars on your face. But He didn’t stop it because He knew He could trust you with the scars.” I’ve shared the impact that statement made in my life and how the Lord used it to set me free from the demon of suicide.

Sunday night, I was honored to speak to a group of churches that gathered for a wonderful night of worship. The minister who introduced me is the leader of the pastors of those churches, and many more in North Texas, but most importantly, he is my friend. He made another statement that will forever change how I view the occurrence in my life on July 26, 1969.

He said, “It must have been a hard day in heaven when God saw what was happening to Dave, knowing He could stop it. Instead, He allowed it, also knowing Dave could handle the devastation and use it for the glory of God.” Wow! My heart was torn between brokenness and joy, at the sound of his words.

“A hard day in heaven…”

I realize I am not the only person on this planet who has been hurt, devastated, ripped to pieces, put back together again and lived to tell about it. Many of you reading this email have also been hurt, deeply. I share these statements with you in an attempt to encourage you, as I have been encouraged.

What has happened in your life that made it a “hard day in heaven” for God to allow His child to go through the fire? What has happened to you that God would say, “I can trust you with this trial”?

It’s your choice to view your circumstances in the appropriate way. Choose today to understand that God can use ALL things for His glory, no matter how horrible it may seem today. Remember that God is not in heaven rejoicing at your tragedy. He is a loving God who allows things to happen so that His glory is revealed.


See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.
Isaiah 48:10

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