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Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

Posted on September 21st, 2009.


Words alone can never express out gratitude to you, but please allow me to try and put things in context
so that you understand how very important your visit was.

The emotions over these past days have been overwhelming. We have laughed a lot and we have cried
a lot. Each speaker brought a message that touched everyone in some way.

I must share this story with you this story that happened Sunday morning as the troops were loading
onto the buses for their return to Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio. You were the last speaker
of the last day and your message brought many tears to the eyes of of those attending, myself included.
More importantly it touched the very soul of one individual. You may remember him. His name was….
He was badly burned, had lost his left hand as well as his right arm and you visited with him in the foyer
for a short time following your appearance.

As the troops were loading the buses this soldier’s mother approached me. She embraced me and
thanked me… I asked her if she enjoyed the conference and she started crying. She told me how her
son had become a recluse since he was injured injured. He wouldn’t leave his room at the hospital and
he wouldn’t mix with others because he has been worried about how people will react to him, much as
you described in your presentation.

She said that Dave Roever’s message, the last message of the last day, went straight to his heart as
well as to his head. It was as though a little light had been turned on by God, just for him. He went to Six
Flags Saturday evening and had a wonderful time. The ultimate endorsement of him as a person came
when people at the park, learning that the group had all been wounded in battle, asked to have their
photos taken with him. She was sure his personal road to recovery was now in overdrive. At this point
not only is she crying but so am I!

I want to assure you that all of the work we have been doing for the past six months and all of the time
away from our families working on this event was “paid in full” by that wonderful mother and the light in
her eyes.

Dave, you are indeed an inspiration and just what these young men and women needed to hear. We will
be calling you for more of these in the future…

God bless you for the message you bring.

Danny Mayer
Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes-Texas

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One Response to “Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes”

  1. Dave, thank you and God BLESS YOU.