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Langley Air Force Base

Posted on September 24th, 2009.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Mr. Dave Roever for many years, and as a friend and motivational speaker there is no equal. We were pleased to have him speak to our young men and women in uniform and their families here at Langley Air Force Base on September 27th. and 28th 2002. The response was overwhelming. Airmen and civilians alike were left with a feeling of hope and determination to overcome any challenges that life may bring.

Dave brings a perspective of combat-tempered heroism that is rarely seen in society today. A true war hero, he has overcome physical adversity with a grace and dignity worthy of a Nation’s respect. His perseverance through challenges in his life adds significant value to his message of hope, optimism and–above all–patriotism.

In my 29 years of military service, I have never witnessed a speaker that could reach so many in such a positive manner. His’ infectious enthusiasm touches all who are fortunate enough to be present during his events. I absolutely recommend Dave Roever to bring his message of courage and strength to any organization anytime, anywhere.

Bruce A. Wright
Lieutenant General, USAF

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