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Totally Exhausted?

Posted on September 20th, 2018.

Have you ever been tired? So tired you just wanted to cry? You find yourself emotional over things that would normally not cause a reaction at all. And then…A song reminds you of a sweet memory. A smell takes you back to a moment that touched you deeply. A scripture causes the tears to flow down your face with no end in sight. Tired…completely exhausted, emptied, worn out!

On several occasions, I have sat down on an airplane or in a vehicle, having wrapped up a long tour, knowing the next stop is home. I’ve run out of words (I know many of you will find that hard to believe), and I sit there on the verge of tears. Nothing is wrong; I’ve not received bad news; my family is healthy.

In those moments, I am reminded of the woman at the well. This woman came for water, which is very important. She left with THE Water of Life, which is MOSTimportant. She didn’t realize she was so thirsty until she took her first gulp. As the life-giving water of Christ began to nourish her from the inside out, she knew this was different. This was life-sustaining water!

Today, if you are tired, weary, empty, overwhelmed and exhausted, go ahead and take a deep drink. Open your Bible and read of His goodness, His faithfulness, His endless grace and mercy, His provision, His peace. Take solace in knowing He came so you’d never be thirsty again.



 Taste and see that the Lord is good;

 blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.

Psalms 34:8

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One Response to “Totally Exhausted?”

  1. Dave & Wife, I wept as I read this blog for I have often felt and cried out to our Lord in exhaustion, at the same time knowing in my spirit the joy of my life being healed in the Lord Jesus Christ. It takes both of you working together for Dave to go into the world and bring the gospel and healing to the wounded. Thank you! I am a Vietnam era vet of another war, domestic violence, and thank God for my deliverance and healing. It is work worth doing to be set free! Praying for the two of you, your foundation, and gratitude God is on His throne leading you on! Bless you both and all at your home! Sandra