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Veteran’s Day or Veterans Day

Posted on November 13th, 2018.

Punctuation is so valuable. I’ve seen a T-shirt with this printed across the front:

“Punctuation saves lives.

Eat Grandma!

Eat, Grandma!”


Thank goodness for punctuation!


It’s also amazing what a tiny mark called an apostrophe (‘) can mean in the English language. Specifically, in this case, is the utterance of the words veterans/veteran’s.


It doesn’t even distinguish the difference in voice fluctuations! It is identical in speaking terms but identifies a vastly different meaning. That tiny grammatical marking distinguishes ownership on one hand and remembrance one the other.


So, is the national holiday, Veterans Day or Veteran’s Day?


Why not make it both!


To the civilian, it is a day to remember, evolving from Armistice Day ending WWI. To the veteran, it is personal ownership. It is his/her day of unsolicited honor and gratitude for personal sacrifice to secure peace and domestic tranquillity.


Either way, God bless our precious veterans!


Love, Dave

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