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Wounds of War

Posted on March 21st, 2018.

I am currently in Vietnam, returning to the location of my injury. Every veteran who served during wartime has memories, but not all veterans process these memories the same way.

For me, I can return to the place of my near demise without opening old wounds. I am grateful for the healing that God has done in my heart.

I have often credited the thousands upon thousands of times of telling my story, as a large part of my healing. The more I’ve shared it, the less horrible it sounds to my own ears. It loses its sting to my soul.

For many veterans, that’s not the case. Some choose to keep it all inside. Others simply can’t bring themselves to talk about it. Neither is wrong. Neither will ever be judged by me. We all handle it differently.

But this I know. God is near to the broken-hearted,and He is in the business of fixing our deepest, darkest wounds. Whether you have military wounds or life wounds, He is your Healer.

With one touch from Him, you will find yourself able to return to the place where you were injured and see the one who hurt you so deeply, and it won’t phase you. You’ll discover that those old war stories have no hold on you any longer!

With Love,


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