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Restoring the Wounded


My first and foremost goal in a public school is to connect with the student body through a message applicable to their personal needs. I've lived for many years. That’s physically. I’m probably 19 years old mentally. I still think like a young person because I work with young men and women constantly. It has been my career.

One thing that is not my goal; I do not, have not, and will not condemn students in their behavior regardless of how out of the box it may be to my own tradition and values. I do though, present through a unique story of survival in a horrible war, and a lifetime of an exciting career, to make them aware that drugs, alcohol, sex and violence are not the bridge to happiness through the incorporation of a lot of humor. I have seen in over 30 years of public education that I can get into the heart of any kid with a message of hope. Laughter is still the best medicine.

In addition to the things listed above, I bring an important and timeless message of encouragement to students who are suicidal and melancholy. This includes gothic dressed kids, drug users, alcoholics; students from broken up relationships with parents and peers, and an assortment of many other things that tend to drive students toward self-destruction.

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